Brunswick County Historical Society


2022-Aug: Committees of Safety

2022-May: Early Travel in Brunswick Co.

2022-Feb: A Slave's Life in Brunswick Co.

2021-Nov: Cushing's Raids on the Cape Fear-#2

2021-Aug: USS North Carolina

2021-May: Mill Creek & Mt. Pisgah Churches

2021-Feb: John Nelson Bennett Journal (1834-1864)

2020-Nov: Last Surviving Confederate Veteran

2020-Aug: Oral History Lesson

2020-May: Spanish Influenza

2016-Nov: Boon's Neck, Oxpen & Seashore

2016-May: Gullah-Geechee Corridor

2016-Feb: Piedmont Airlines & Bylaws

2005-Sep: Blockade Runners & Ledgendary Lady

2004-Dec: Mullets, Taters, Turpentine & Black Republicans

2004-Feb: Rev. Alexander D. Betts & Civil War Memories

2003-Aug: Trapping-Train Ride & Lost Package

2003-May: Church Morality & Green Swamp

2003-Feb: Megirern Memories

2002-May: Southport Leader Newspaper

2001-Aug_1893: Hurricanes-Life Savers-Bear Attack

2001-May: Wilmington Ferry & Turpentine

2000-Feb: Logging Camp & Naval Stores-World War II

2000-Feb: Ellen Bellamy & County Death Records

1999-Nov: Smithville Memories

1999-May: County Home

1999-Feb: Society of Historians & Church Histories

1998-Nov: Bolivia

1998-May: Green Swamp

1998-Feb: Jabbertown & Christmas

1997-Nov: Albright Diary-#3 & William Clemmons

1997-Aug: Albright Diary-#2 & Thomas Clemmons

1997-Feb: Confederate Veterans & Fort Fisher Christmas

1995-Aug: Southport Memories & Lower Cape Fear Pilots

1993-Aug: Daniel Lindsay Russell & Bellville

1990-Nov: Agriculture

1989-Aug: Turpentine Distillers

1989-May: Doctors

1988-May: Bridges

1986-Aug: Green Swamp

1985-Nov: Livestock Marks

1985-Aug: 19th Century DOT

1984-Aug: "Smithville" Changed to "Southport"

1984-May15: Berlyn Lancaster Memories-#3

1983-Nov: Berlyn Lancaster Memories-#2

1983-Aug: Doctors

1983-May: Berlyn Lancaster Memories-#1

1982-Aug: Turpentine & Rice

1981-Aug: Blockade Running

1981-Feb: Smithville to Southport & Public Education

1980-Aug: Early Baptist Churches

1979-Aug: Brunswick Electric Membership Corporation

1976-Nov: Bicentenial & Oral History

1975-Oct: Southport July 4th

1974-Feb: Mail Service

1973-Sep: Joseph Silas Clemmons

1973-Aug: Annie Mae Woodside Home & Fort Caswell

1973-May: Southport History

1972-Aug: Frying Pan Lightship & War of 1812 Vouchers

1971-Aug_Naval Stores

1969-Aug: John LaPierre, Old Brunswick & Russellborough

1968-Aug: James Espy House Ruin

1967-Aug: William Tryon's Windmill

1965-Aug: History of Smith Island

1964-Aug: Fort Anderson

1964-May: Moore Estate & Zion Methodist Church

1963-Aug: Spanish Attack

Undated: Hog Killing, Murders & Sleeping Sickness

Undated: Sketch of Wilmington Ferry

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